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Activities to see and do, During your
stay at Le Bousquet d'Orb

Villa Saint-Mart, located in Le Bousquet d´Orb, is ideally placed to enjoy the outdoor activities offered by the Monts d´Orb: hiking, trail running, mountain biking, canoeing, tree climbing, swimming ...

Lac du Salagou is only 30 minutes away, and the border with Aveyron is very close. It is also a great stage on the Hérault for Moto trip.

Are you coming for a spa treatment? Avène is only 15 minutes away and Lamalou-Les-Bains only 30 minutes away!

To discover

On foot

Saint Martin church

Located just above the entrance to the Villa Saint-Mart, this church dates from the 12th century. You can admire a stained glass window offered by the Bousquet d'Orb glassworks.

Extend your walk by following the shells, you are on the way to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle!

Castle of Cazillac

This private castle built in the 13th century belongs to the Leroy-Beaulieu family. The courtyard and gardens are open to visitors.

The owner's grandparents worked there!

Some ideas nearby

To do, to visit

de la Prade

Située à la sortie de Lunas, vous pourrez vous y balader, flâner ou faire un peu de sport sur les machines réparties le long du parcours de santé. L'entrée y est libre. Elle dispose aussi d'une piscine avec jeux d'eau, dont l'entrée est à part et payante.

Museographic Space
"The Lights of the Mine"

Au Bousquet d'Orb, venez découvrir une impressionnante collection de lampes de mineurs !

The Bell and
Sonnaille Museum

Dans l'ancienne gare d'Hérépian, elle raconte l'histoire de la Fonderie Granier

Avène thermal site

The thermal site of Avène has tennis courts, mini golf, bowling alley, a playground for children, in a beautiful park with river access.

Trout fishing

With Water from Orb river, Lake Avène is a huge playground for trout fishing. Fishing is done there in accordance with the regulations of the "great lakes".

Why not also fish on the "red devil" the Salagou lake nearby?

In the middle of nature

From the forest to the Mediterranean

The Caroux Espinouse national reserve

The Caroux-Espinouse, national hunting and wildlife reserve: a single hike will allow you to discover a preserved site and perhaps to see mouflons !

Salagou Lake

Salagou Lake is an artificial lake made of red earth called Ruff, Natura 2000. You can swim, or go fishing. and will find many water activities.

The Sea

The sea is only an hour's drive away! Go with your picnic for a day in Agde and enjoy the beach while staying away from the coastal bustle.

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